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Who are we?

Mission Fund was founded on 16th April 1984. It is a lay Catholic organization set up with the aim of assisting all Maltese missionaries. At present over 200 missionary stations in about 40 countries from Albania to Zimbabwe receive regular donations of € 2,000 on a roster basis, while the Maltese Bishops in Kenya, Brazil, Honduras, Libya and Albania each receive € 4,000. Maltese missionaries use donations to build schools, clinics and shelters for the homeless, to buy medicines, pay hospital fees and maintain vaccination programmes, and to better the lives of so many persons living below the poverty line. View list of donations given by Mission Fund during 2017.

Mission Fund has been enrolled as a philanthropic voluntary organisation in accordance with the Voluntary Organisations Act, 2007 (Act No XXII of 2007) and its name has been entered in the Register of Voluntary Organisations (Registration Number: VO/0015).

Mission Fund is also registered as a legal person by the Registrar for Legal Persons in accordance with the Civil Code, Second Schedule (Chapter 16 of the Laws of Malta) – Certificate of Registration Number: LPA – 5.

Project Tama

Since 1992 Mission Fund has, on a yearly basis, sent a group of volunteers for 5 weeks to carry out a project requested by one of the missionary stations. Click here for details.


The Mission Fund publishes a quarterly newsletter, which is sent to all our benefactors and is also posted on our website. Among other useful information, the newsletter contains a list of the Maltese and Gozitan missionaries who have benefited during the previous quarter. A yearly magazine is also sent to over 8,500 households in May. Click here to view the past issues of all our publications.


Mission Fund accounts are maintained by the Treasurer and are audited by an appointed internal auditor as well as by an external reputable firm. The annual financial reports are published every year in the local press.

Click here to view the audited accounts for the recent past years.

The Statute

Mission Fund is regulated by a statute approved during the Annual General Meeting.

Click here to view the Statute

The Committee

Mission Fund is managed by a committee elected during the annual general meeting held in April 2014. The present committee is constituted as follows:

President                                   Charles Decelis

Secretary                                    John Sammut

Assistant Secretary                   Sylvia Ebejer

Treasurer                                   Philip Micallef

Assistant Treasurer                   Joe Mifsud

Public Relations Officer            Nancy Micallef

Member                                     Tony Zahra

Spiritual Director                       Fr Marcellino Micallef OFM


From left to right: Frans Scicluna, John Sammut, Charles Decelis, Fr Marcellino Micallef OFM, Sylvia Ebejer, Nancy Micallef, Philip Micallef and Joe Mifsud.