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Past Projects

Since 1992 Mission Fund has, on a yearly basis, prepared a group of volunteers to proceed abroad for 5 weeks to carry out a construction project requested by one of our missionaries.  The group includes the Spiritual Director and a number of volunteers from all walks of life. The volunteers pay all their travel expenses.

Regular weekly meetings are held for about seven months prior to departure.  Team-building seminars and a vaccination programme are prepared for the group.  The volunteers involve themselves in the organisation of a number of fund raising events. The funds raised in these activities are used exclusively to fund the selected project and to finance a container, when required.

The following projects have been carried out by our volunteers:

1992 Algeria Oran Refurbishment of a home
1993 Algeria Algiers Works at parish center
1994 Tunisia Manouba Works at Salesian school
1995 Tunisia Tunis Refurbishment of Tunis Cathedral in preparation for Papal visit
1996 Tunisia La Goulette Works at a home set up by sisters of Charity
1997 Kenya Ruiru Museum Trade school; Well, electric and plumbing works
1998 Kenya Ruiru Museum Trade school; Paving of school yard welding
1999 Kenya Ruiru Museum Trade school; Septic tank and toilets
2000 Kenya Langata Biogas plant and beds for orphanage
2001 Guatemala Jalpatagua Houses for the homeless
2002 Guatemala Jalpatagua Houses for the homeless
2003 Guatemala San Manuel Chaparron Centre for persons with special needs
2004 Kenya Impeketoni Laboratory for a girls’ secondary school
2005 Peru Aplao School extension and a house for a homeless family
2006 Kenya Impeketoni Works at a secondary school
2007 Guatemala San Manuel Chaparron A fish farm: Food and job opportunities
2008 Tanzania Nyakato School for children mostly suffering from AIDS
2009 Tanzania Nyakato Multipurpose hall adjoining to the school built in 2008
2010 Tanzania Makiungu Extension of a hospital to accomodate the medical and paramedical staff
2011 Tanzania Makiungu Extension to the maternity wing of the hospital
Guatemala Izabal Parish Centre
2012 India Maharo Dormitory for St Xavier College to accomodate tribal girls living in remote villages
2013 Kenya Bakanja Building of a dormitory for a secondary school
Mpeketoni Digging of community wells
Baharini Digging of water reservour
South Sudan Wau Digging of boreholes
2014 India Maharo Building of second floor of dormitory for St Xavier College built in 2012
Kenya Mpeketoni Building of a new block adjoining the Shalom Centre for Disabled Children
Purchase a tractor to improve farming in the area.
Digging of wells
Baharini Drilling of borehole
Chakama Installation of water tanks
South Sudan Wau Building of a healing centre
Phillipines Building of a dormitory for a school
Ethiopia Hosanna Building of more classrooms in an already existing school.
Debre Zeit Water tower for storage and distribution
Guatemala Isabal Repair of damages caused by a hurricane.
 2015 Tanzania  Makiungu Building of a hostel to accommodate the medical staff at Makiungu Hospital
South Sudan Wau Building of a healing centre
Kenya Chakama Building of a Rescue Centre
India Schillong Building of a Community Centre
Ethiopia Hosanna Building of an extension to a school
Pakistan Toba Tek Singh Drilling of tube wells
2017 Philippines Dinalupihan Building of 2 classes at Josè Depiro educational centre and another 2 classes at St Monica Elementary School
2018 Philippines Dinalupihan Building of classrooms at Madre Magherita de Brincat School and building of houses for poor families