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Donations 2017

Donations given to missionaries during 2017 €404,250
Donations given since inception (from 1984 to date) €5,989,592
Name of Missionary Country Scope of donation Amount
1 Fr John Farrugia  Pakistan Towards the pastoral programs in various parishes €2,000
2 Mr Hector Pickard  Peru Towards the work with the disabled and running of soup kitchen for 300 families €2,000
3 Bishop Robert Camilleri  Honduras Towards the running of the soup kitchens, schooling for poor children and aiding young mothers €4,000
4 Sr Carmen Sammut  Ethiopia Towards providing medical care, aiding surgery patients and children’s education  €2,000
5 Sr Frances Farrugia  Pakistan Towards providing medical care, paying school fees and residence for girls €2,000
6 Sr Valerie Borg  Israel Towards providing assistance for terminally ill patients and acquisition of wheelchairs €2,000
7 Fr Emanuel Cutajar Albania Towards providing aid for educational equipment, transport and fees for children and dentist fees for the poor €2,000
 8 Fr George Bezzina  Kenya Towards the medical and educational support for people with HIV. €2,000
9 Fr Joseph Mizzi Egypt Towards school scholarships for poor children and the running of a care centre for mentally handicapped children. €2,000
10 Fr Xavier Cutajar Brazil Towards the CPCR Project to care of young children whilst parents work €2,000
11 Sr Graziella Camilleri Algeria Towards the premises upkeep and the medical and living costs for the elderly in residence €2,000
12 Miss Rosanne Seychell Georgia Towards catechising of the parish people with various social problems €2,000
13 Fr Joseph Gauci Sacco  India Towards printing of religious material and aiding poor families €2,000
14 Sr Mary Rose Muscat Israel Towards providing medicine and basic needs for poor families €2,000
15 Sr Josepha Gauci Kenya Towards the running of the Mother Margherita school for destitute children and preparing young girls for the Novitiate €2,000
16 Sr Maria Grazia Farrugia Zimbabwe Towards the running of a homecare for HIV and AIDS victims, helping handicapped children, and working with 180 other children €2,000
17 Sr Dorothy Busietta Israel Towards providing basic needs to poor families €2,000
18 Sr. Luigina Muscat Israel Towards working with the poor €2,000
19 Fr Andrew Zammit Brazil Towards the refurbishment of the chapel and providing basic needs to the poor. €2,000
20 Fr Mark Demanuele Philippines Towards providing financial and spiritual help to poor university students €2,000
21 Mr & Mrs Joseph Gatt South Korea Towards the pastoral work and helping the poor with their basic needs €2,000
22 Fr Alex Busuttil Perù Towards aiding the family centre project and various programs which focus on children €2,000
23 Sr Victoria Vassallo Ethiopia Towards building accommodation and chapel for girls entering the “Come and See” religious program €2,000
24 Sr Mary Cini Philippines Towards providing help in the education sector to children coming from needy families. €2,000
25 Sr Lutgarda Camilleri Ethiopia Towards the work within a home for orphaned or abandoned children, some of whom are also severely sick. €2,000
26 Sr Carmela Chircop Israel Towards providing food and basic needs to the poor families. €2,000
27 Fr. Luqa Azzopardi Brazil Towards the work with the poor and to help young men to recuperate from drug use and other family problems. €2,000
28 Sr Carmen Cachia Brazil Towards the work with poor and sick people, and providing materials for the school. hampers of food and medicines for people who have lost their jobs. €2,000
29 Sr. Mary Borg Israel Towards providing basic necessities to the very poor people. €2,000
30 Bishop Joseph Alessandro Kenya Towards the distribution of food and educational needs for poor children, also aiding in agricultural and animal husbandry projects. €4,000
31 Sr Carolina Debono Israel Towards assisting the poor families with the necessities of living. €2,000
32 Sr Liliana Borg Pakistan Towards providing educational assistance for poor girls and the medical and material needs for the poor and sick. €2,000
33 Sr Emmanuela Abdilla Israel Towards providing the poor families with educational assistance, medical and material needs €2,000
34 Sr Loretta Xerri Pakistan Towards providing educational assistance to poor children and providing treatments and nourishment at the maternity clinic. €2,000
35 Sr Maria Grech Israel Towards assisting the poor families with the necessities of living, job creation and scholarships for children €2,000
36 Sr Emmanuela Micallef Israel Towards assisting poor families with medical care, aiding handicapped children and necessities of living €2,000
37 Sr Guistina Aquilina Pakistan Towards providing medical treatments, moral and financial support to poor families in the community €2,000
38 Sr Dr Maria Borda Tanzania Towards providing obstetrics and gynaecological care to mothers and infants as well as providing water resources. €2,000
39 Sr Sandra Cassar Kenya Towards the running and upkeep of the Technical School and the uniforms factory, also aiding the families of the workers. €2,000
40 Sr Catherine Farrugia Zambia Towards assisting orphans with school fees, and motherless newborns’ relatives with essentials for living. €2,000
41 Fr Alfred Mercieca Argentina Towards providing aid for jobless farmers after the harvest, fuel and living expenses. €2,000
42 Sr Antonia Sammut Argentina Running the orphanage for girls and the dispensary. €2,000
43 Fr John Mary Cauchi Brazil Assisting rural farmers with the aquistion of land. €2,000
44 Fr Alexander Cauchi Brazil Assisting rural farmers with the aquistion of land and helping poor children and their families. €2,000
 45 Bro Damian John Formosa Kenya Providing educational opportunities through trade for secondary school drop-out students €2,000
46 Sr Tiburzia Cilia Israel Assisting poor families living in the area with essential needs €2,000
47 Bishop George Frendo O.P. Albania Assisting the poor families who have undergone medical operations, low income families and aiding students with tuition fees €4,000
48 Sr Anne Savona Israel Assisting handicapped infants at the day centre, providing medication for the elderly and paying educational expenses for poor families €2,000
 49 Sr. Maria Antonia Galea Israel Aiding the poor families in the vincinity with essentials of living. €2,000
50 A Missionary India Providing aid for rent and living expenses to young women who are learning and applying the Gospel in everyday life. €2,000
51 A Missionary India Aiding young girls with education in order to become independent and work for their own living. €2,000
52 Sr. Marianne Farrugia Philippines Providing food supplements to poor children to help them grow. €2,000
53 Sr. Celeste Buhagiar Pakistan Providing medical aid and treatments to the poor. Also accompanying TB patients for their appointments. €2,000
54  Sr. Rachele Agius  Pakistan Providing medical assistance to the sick, educational supplies for the poor children and essentials of living for needy families €2,000
 55 Sr Josephine Vassallo Zambia Towards providing young children with education and other basic needs, also aiding the elderly. €2,000
56 Fr Joseph Mario Camilleri Guatemala Towards providing health assistance to poor families for better living. €2,000
57 Fr Bernard Mangion Pakistan Towards providing a new medical service to poor families and a mobile clinic €2,000
58 Sr Mary Zarb Morocco Towards aiding Cancer patients, welcoming migrants and working with the elderly and the handicapped. €2,000
59 Sr Concetta Dimech Tunisia Towards aiding poor families with education and everyday essentials. €2,000
60 Sr Carmen Farrugia Israel Towards providing assistance to the poor families, in order to help them help themselves. €2,000
61 Ms Maris Camilleri Perù Towards providing assistance in the Parish Clinic, also aiding cancer patients with medical expenses. €2,000
62 Fr Paul Aquilina India Towards providing assistance with pastoral work with the poor. €2,000
63 Sr Marie Louise Grech Poland Towards providing moral support and aid to the poor, elderly and sick people and organising retreats for young girls and women willing to learn about God. €2,000
64 Fr Anthony Fenech Egypt Towards the running of the Social Centre in order to provide essential care for all the  poor in the province. €2,000
65 Fr Carmel Borg Brazil Towards the pastoral work including organizing of groups to assist the needy, also aiding the the poor and sick with medicine and food supplies. €2,000
66 Fr. Albert Gauci Honduras Towards providing assistance to the elderly, poor and sick. Also catering for the wellbeing of orphaned children in the community. €2,000
67 Bishop Joe Bonello Honduras Towards aiding with the expenses and lodging for scholarship students and the formation of religious groups €4,000
68 Fr Paul Buttigieg Cuba Toward the formation of adolescents and travel expenses. Also helping the elderly people affected by the recent natural disaster. €2,000
69 Mr Lawrence Caruana Albania Towards the formation of children and youths in the community. €2,000
70 Fr Garvin Grech Bolivia Providing basic needs for youths and young children through the services run in the community centre. €2,000
71 Mr John Mifsud Cuba Towards the religious instruction and formation of young children and youths. €2,000
72 Sr Maria Domenici Israel Towards aiding the poor children and their families with educational and material needs. €2,000
 73 Fr Geoffrey Bugeja Albania Towards aiding in the provision of daily needs of the people in the Social Development Centre and aiding with educational fees €2,000
74 Fr George Keers Bolivia Towards providing material support to young adults and children including educational and spiritual needs €2,000
75 Mr Hector Pickard Perù Towards providing food and shelter to handicapped men and children who have been abandoned by their families €2,000
76 Sr Rita Theuma India Towards aiding in the restructuring of the orphanage, including new dormitory and bed facilities €2,000
77 Sr Emanuel Borg  India Towards the education and guidance of poor girls in the community and surrounding villages €2,000
78  Sr Ilaria Schiavone  Pakistan Towards the upkeep of the house, clinics and hostels in the community, also for maintenance, education and living expenses for the poor €2,000
79 Fr John Farrugia (Pakistan)

Bishop Robert Camilleri (Honduras)

Fr George Bezzina (Kenya)

Fr Joseph Mizzi (Egypt)

Fr Joseph Gauci Sacco (India)

Fr Andrew Zammit (Brazil)

Fr Mark Demanuele (Philippines)

Fr Alex Busuttil (Perù)

Fr. Luqa Azzopardi (Brazil)

Bishop Joseph Alessandro (Kenya)

Fr Alfred Mercieca (Argentina)

Fr John Mary Cauchi (Brazil)

Fr Alexander Cauchi (Brazil)

Bishop George Frendo (Albania)

Fr Joseph Mario Camilleri (Guatemala)

Fr Bernard Mangion (Pakistan)

Fr Paul Aquilina (India)

Fr Anthony Fenech (Egypt)

Bishop Joe Bonello (Honduras)

Fr Paul Bonello (Cuba)

Fr Garvin Grech (Bolivia)

Fr Geoffrey Bugeja (Albania)

Fr George Keers (Bolivia)

The sum of € 500 is given to each missionary towards the celebration of Masses for the repose of the Mission Fund benefactors and their families.  €11,500
80  Fr Joe Cremona Philippines Building of classrooms at Madre Magherita de Brincat School and building of houses for poor families  €130,000
81  Fr Garvin Grech Bolivia Building of homes for the poor €10,000
82 Bishop Emanuel Barbara Kenya Building of a rescue centre in Gongoni €40,000
 83 Bishop Edward Mapunda  Tanzania  Drilling of borehole  €10,000
 84  Bro Theo  Kenya  Building of water reservoirs  €3,500
85 Fr Joe Cremona Building of classrooms at DePiro Formation Centre €20,000
86  Fr Hector Attard Towards the formation of Missionary Religious Brothers €5,000
87 Bro Giovann Tabone For educational purposes €250
88 Bro David Pace For formation studies €250
89 Bro Alexander Zammit For theological studies €250
90 Sr Celina Cini Towards the education of poor youths €3,000
91 Sr Gemma Fenech Towards a feeding program for poor children €2,000
92 Sr Marianne Farrugia Towards the running of a formation centre at Mount Samat €2,500
93 Sr Anne Catania Towards feeding poor children €2,000