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Donations 2018

Donations given to missionaries during 2018 €15,000
Donations given since inception (from 1984 to date) €6,004,592


Name of Missionary Country Scope of donation Amount
1 Fr Bernard Caruana Albania Providing aid with educational materials and university tuition fees for young people to continue their studies €2,000
 2  Ms Miriam Bugeja  Pakistan  For the running and upkeep of the Home for the Destitute and Mentally Sick. €2,000
3 Fr Joseph Sciberras Brazil Providing medicine for the elderly. Also the upkeep of the home €2,000
4 Fr Henry Balzan Chile Aiding the poor and unemployed people in the parish. €2,000
5 Sr Catherine (Helen) Muscat Israel Providing aid to poor children and their families and the upkeep of the convent in Iraq €2,000
6 Mr David Dye Albania Establishing a new SDC centre wherein children and youths might receive religious instruction and formation. €2,000
7 Mr Robert Gauci Cuba Religious formation and instruction of children and young adults in the community €2,000
 9 Fr Bernard Caruana (Albania)

Fr Joseph Sciberras (Brazil)

The sum of € 500 is given to each missionary towards the celebration of Masses for the repose of the Mission Fund benefactors and their families.  €1,000