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Our Causes

  • gallery2 Fr John Farrugia,

    I wish to thank the Mission Fund for the donation towards our mission in Pakistan.

    The money will finance the Christian formation of youth and adults in poor parishes so that the faithful can have an opportunity to grow in faith and in their Christian life.

    To continue providing such help, the Mission Fund depends on the generosity of readers. I therefore encourage the public to send used stamps and donations with which Maltese missionaries in Third World countries can be helped.

  • gallery2 Ms Rose Mallia,
  • about-video Sr Antoinette Agius,

    The years go by and the life of the poor families in Nazareth is not getting any better. I can truly say that their financial situation is getting worse.

    Unemployment, the high cost of living, taxes and debt continue to weigh on them daily. I am grateful to the Mission Fund team for their occasional donations which go to seven of these needy families in Nazareth. With these gifts the Mission Fund helps us Maltese missionaries all over the world.

    Such cooperation is indeed precious. That is why I am appealing for people to help the Mission Fund.

Ongoing Projects