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Our Causes

  • gallery2 Sr Frances Farrugia OP, - Sunday 13 July 2014

    I would like to thank the Mission Fund of Mosta for the generous donation of €2,000 which will partly fund a safe drinking water project, which we, the Dominican Sisters of Malta are carrying out in a very depressed community outside the city of Lahore, Pakistan. Our intention is to provide outlets of purified water which will be available for the public, principally the families in the village. Why water? All life depends on water. Contaminated water is the cause of the many maimed babies born in this particular zone, where the effluent drainage from textile factories and pharmaceutical factories flows freely in a nearby canal;  besides the problem of the acid fumes, the underground water is contaminated. The open sewage also adds to the problem.  Women are the ones who suffer most because during pregnancy, the foetus is affected.  The babies are born with spina bifida or with talipes and other deformities, like stumpy fingers and other protruding joints.  This has been confirmed from a research carried out with the help of the medical staff of the civil hospital and it was proven that the problem in the area is all due to the consumption of this polluted water.  Men and children are also exposed to severe enteric problems. Please continue to help the Mission Fund so that our brothers and sisters in far-flung areas of the world where the poor are emarginated and unwanted may share the love of God. Love is God’s gift.

  • Fr J Gauci Sacco Fr Joseph Gauci Sacco, SJ,

    I would like to thank the Mission Fund for a donation of € 2,000 towards subsidising biblical and religious material in Santali, the language of the largest tribe in India, the Santals. I have been in India for the last 57 years and after my priestly ordination I have been working most of the time as a parish priest among the Santals.

    I would like to encourage the Maltese people to send used stamps and donations to Mission Fund who help so many Maltese missionaries in Third World countries.

  • gallery2 Ms Rose Mallia, Monday 14 July 2014

Ongoing Projects